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Flu Vaccinations

ASBRC feel that it is necessary to ensure that all horses coming onto our ground are vaccinated up to date for flu.

All horses must have had a booster within the last 12 months & be 7 days post administration. For those who are just beginning new courses it is essential that they have had the first 2 jabs & be 7 days post administration.

Passports must be bought along to all shows and be made available on arrival to be checked.

We also ask that owners/handlers take sensible precautions such as avoiding unnecessary contact with other horses, avoid sharing equipment, and clearing up all of your own horse's waste (droppings, hay, bedding). Our show ground is also a livery yard so this is to respect & protect the safety of the liveries.

If for any reason you are unhappy about any of the above then please contact us with suggestions of how this can be resolved & also how you can assist us with this.

Please remember the committee is small & we will need help to ensure that all passports are checked as well as running the show to schedule. If you can spare 30 minutes or so to check some passports with us then please get in touch.

The committee's decision is final so any horses that are not vaccinated to date and any individuals who are found to be breaching the precautions above will be asked to leave.

Kind regards

ASBRC committee

***Show Update***
  1. Everyone to scan the QR Code located at the caravan as a part of track and trace.
  2. Keep 2 metres apart at all times.
  3. Please try and stay with your vehicle and not congregate with others, unless purchasing food from the snack bar or booking in.
  4. In the event of a fall, you will be asked to check your child and make sure they are ok to carry on
  5. The designated first aider will only step in if first aid is required which the parent is unable to give.
  6. Please do not attend if anyone in your household displays any symptoms of Coronavirus or have been notified to isolate due to contact with a positive case of Covid-19.
  7. Gymkhana equipment to be cleaned after each race by rider/ parent ready for the next race.
  8. No gymkhana equipment to be carried in your mouth.
  9. No entry inside the caravan. Entries will be taken through the window facing the gymkhana ring.
  10. We will ask for help with equipment. We have disposable gloves for you to wear to assist with this.
  11. Please bring where possible the exact money for your classes to avoid as much contact with money as possible. You will be able to enter using PayPal ( - family and friend option)
  12. One person/ household in the toilets at any time.
Important Notice: Due to the shotened season the membership fee for 2021 has been reduced to £5.00 per person

Your ASBRC Committee 🏵

Ansty Shilton and Barnacle Riding Club

Welcome to the Ansty, Shilton and Barnacle Riding Club.

We are a friendly amateur riding club based in the Warwickshire countryside on the Withybrook road near Bulkington, we hold shows and activities from the first Sunday in April to the first Sunday in October. Our fortnightly Sunday shows include a mixture of Show jumping, mounted games, handy pony, ridden, in hand and novelty showing classes.

At the end of the season we have a Presentation night where trophies are awarded – To be eligible to win an end of year trophy in any class, a member must have competed a minimum of three times in that class during the year.

All persons wishing to take part in ANY class must be a full member of Ansty Shilton and Barnacle Riding Club. Everybody is welcome and there is no age restriction for membership. Our yearly membership is £10.00 (reduced to £5.00 for 2021) for the first individual and then £6.00 (Reduced to £5.00 for 2021) for each subsequent family member. Family members must be living at the same address.

Important Notice: ASBRC will be checking all passports for up to date vaccinations.
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Photos taken on the day will be available to view and purchase from Spiderweb PhotoGifts

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us We hope to see you at our shows

2021 Show Dates
  • Sun Jun 27
  • Sun Jul 11
  • Sun Jul 25
  • Sun Aug 08
  • Sun Aug 22
  • Sun Sept 05
  • Sun Sept 19
  • Sun Oct 03

Novelty Showing classes will be held at every show

These dates will include Showing classes

2021 Membership
  • MEMBERSHIP FEE £10.00 (£5.00 for 2021)
  • Each subsequent family member £6.00 (£5.00 for 2021)

Please note Family members must all be living at the same address

Please print off the 2021 Membership Form on the link below and bring it with you to the show

2021 Membership Form

2021 Club Rules

For the safety and security of all competitors and spectators, we would advise everyone attending our shows to read through the 2021 Club Rules. The committee’s decision regarding all matters pertaining to the organising of any shows shall be final.

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