ASBRC Club Rules

The rules will be enforced where necessary and please remember that in all classes the Judge’s decision is final.

  • 1) All persons wishing to take part in ANY class must be a full member of Ansty, Shilton and Barnacle Riding Club.
  • 2) There shall be no age restriction for membership of the club, and the annual subscription shall be £10.00 and then £6.00 for each subsequent family member.
  • 3) Associate members (non-riding members) will be accepted at a fee of £1.50 and together with full members will be eligible to vote at General Meetings.
  • 4) No monies shall be refunded except in the case of injury or illness to horse or competitor.
  • 5) Entries will NOT be accepted unless accompanied by the relevant class fee.
  • 6) The Committee’s decision regarding all matters pertaining to the organising of any shows shall be final and the Judge’s decision is final in all matters relating to their classes.
  • 7) The Club Season will commence on the first Sunday in April of each year and will be held at fortnightly intervals until the first available Sunday in October.
  • 8) Competitors are requested to obey instructions given by Official Stewards and Officers of the Committee to ensure efficiency and safety in the running of the shows.
  • 9) A competitor may be disqualified from any class for not obeying the rules or for causing unnecessary delay to the continuity of the show.
  • 10) The Committee reserve the right to alter any schedule at their discretion.
  • 11) No responsibility can be accepted by the Committee for any accident to persons, animals or vehicles on the Club grounds or any surrounding areas leading to the Club grounds.
  • 12) All competitors shall compete entirely at their own risk.
  • 13) ASBRC strongly recommends that all riders take out public liability and personal accident insurance (as a minimum) for all horses/ponies they ride.
  • 14) Any accident MUST be reported immediately to a Committee Member, however minor. Any rider falling from their horse/pony must be seen by a First Aider before remounting.
  • 15) Jodhpurs or breeches, a hard hat (to British Safety Standards, with chinstrap fastened) and appropriate boots for the purpose of riding must be worn by the rider when mounted anywhere on the showground. The rider must also have their shoulders covered. ASBRC strongly recommend you follow the BHS advice regarding hats and current hat standards BHS Hat Standards
  • 16) Excessive use of crop / spurs will result in elimination i.e. in excess of 3 consecutive strikes. Children under the age of 12 years are not permitted to use spurs.
  • 17) Any persons lodging an objection must do so in writing and deposit with it the sum of £10.00 with the Secretary, within 15 minutes of the event. Deposits will be returned if the objection is upheld.
  • 18) Saddles must be correctly fitting and must be worn for all events unless otherwise stated.
  • 19) Bridles must be correctly fitted.
  • 20) Tack must be safe for the purpose of the class. The Committee have final decision.
  • 21) Horses / ponies taking part in any Club event shall be fit for purpose i.e. sound, fit & healthy.
  • 22) All ridden horses / ponies MUST be a minimum of 4 years of age. Handlers for colts under 4 must be at least 16 years of age.
  • 23) In the interest of Health & Safety, no cantering on the showground except in rings and designated warm up areas.
  • 24) Any abuse / aggressive behaviour towards any person or animal will not tolerated and should be reported to a member of the Committee immediately. Persons concerned will be asked to leave the showground and any membership revoked.
  • 25) Abuse of horses/ponies is not permitted at any time on the showground. The Judge, or any member of the Committee, can eliminate a rider from a class, race or competition if abuse is witnessed. The rider may be asked to leave the showground and the Committee will decide on any further action to be taken.
  • 26) Spurs and studs may be used for jumping events only. The Committee reserve the right to disqualify for the misuse of either.
  • 27) All leaders and runners must wear boots when inside any rings. Anyone wearing unsuitable footwear will be asked to leave the ring.
  • 28) All junior members must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times.
  • 29) Young handlers must be capable of controlling the horse/pony in their care.
  • 30) The Committee reserve the right to have measured any horse/pony competing in a class where there is a height stipulation. In the case of an objection, a suitable place will be found to measure. Persons allowed present are: The complainant, the owner, the Committee and an independent witness. One month will be allowed to resolve the matter. Joint Measurement Scheme Certificate only accepted.
  • 31) The size, weight and experience of a rider must correspond to the size, build and experience of the horse/pony. If the Judge deems a rider to be overweight or unsafe, that rider will be asked to retire.
  • 32) Unsportsmanlike behaviour by any member or supporter is not permitted at any time. Any infringement of this may result in elimination from that race, class or competition.
  • 33) Driving any motor vehicle, whilst on the Club ground, without a current licence is not  permitted. Speed limit is strictly 5 MPH.
  • 34) All dogs must be kept on leads and under control at all times. Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their dogs
  • 35) All rubbish to be taken home.
  • 36) No stallions allowed on the showground.
  • 37) No member will be allowed to ride, if at the present time are wearing a cast or alternative support such as a boot.
  • 1) All ‘General’ Rules apply. Please ensure you read and understand them.
  • 2) Correct dress is to be worn for all classes. This includes hard hats conforming to current standards BHS Hat Standards, jodhpurs/breeches, riding/jodhpur boots, white shirt, show jacket and/or plain dark coloured jumper. The Committee reserves the right to refuse admission to the ring to any member considered improperly dressed.
  • 3) Once judging has commenced, competitors will only be permitted to join the class at the Judge’s discretion. No outside interference is permitted.
  • 4) All in-hand competitors under 14 must wear a hard hat in the ring at all times.
  • 1) All ‘General’ Rules apply. Please ensure you read and understand them.
  • 2) No late entries are permitted in the jumping after the class has commenced.
  • 3) A horse/pony having jumped competitively in its own class may jump non-competitively in any following classes. A horse/pony may not compete in any class after jumping non-competitively in that event on the same day.
  • 4) A horse/pony is to jump in a maximum of 3 classes per show. (Excluding poles on the floor)
  • 5) Anyone taking part in jumping classes must have arms covered to the elbow at all times while in the ring.
  • 6) If a rider wins the 30 cm class twice, they will no longer be able to enter any of the novice classes on the same horse/pony and must move up to the 1ft 6 class
  • 7) Any fall of rider will result in elimination and rider must not remount inside the ring.
  • 8) Two refusals over the course will result in elimination.
  • 9) If a rider rides the wrong course by missing out a fence or jumping fences in the wrong order, this will result in elimination.
  • 10) All leaders and runners must wear suitable footwear (no trainers).
  • 1) All ‘General’ Rules apply. Please ensure you read and understand them.
  • 2) Each age group is run as a league with the points awarded at each show accumulated over the season. There will be a day winner at each show and rosettes awarded to tenth place; and overall awards down to fourth place awarded at the end of season annual presentation.
  • 3) Points are accumulated over the season to the same rider/pony/horse combination only. A rider cannot be substituted for another rider. A horse/pony may be substituted if the original horse/pony is unable to continue or attend a show due to injury/illness/death. A vet’s certificate may be requested by the Committee. A horse/pony may only be substituted once. If more than one substitute horse/pony is used the points are started again in the league after the second rider/horse/pony combination.
  • 4) No horse/pony can compete in more than 15 games per day.
  • 5) Horses/ponies cannot compete in competitions before they reach the age of four years.
  • 6) It is not permitted to use spurs in the gymkhana ring. Whips are permitted in any class, except Tiny Tots and Lead Rein, but will be removed from the rider if rule 7 is broken.
  • 7) Hitting the horse/pony with the gymkhana equipment is not allowed. Any infringement will incur elimination from that race.
  • 8) Leaders and holders in Tiny Tots and Lead Rein classes are not permitted to hit the horse/pony with the lead rope, their hand or any gymkhana equipment.
  • 9) Riders must start and end the race wearing a hard hat with chinstrap done up that meets the current safety standards as advised by The British Horse Society.
  • 10) All leaders in Tiny Tots and Lead Rein classes must wear hard boots and have their shoulders covered. Holders for Tiny Tots and assistants in Future Stars class must have their shoulders covered; hard boots are recommended. All leaders, holders and assistants must be a minimum of a non-riding member.
  • 11) Leaders and holders can be any age but must show to have sufficient control of the horse/pony and due care for the rider. The Committee has the right to request a leader or holder is changed if the rider’s safety is of concern.
  • 12) In Tiny Tots and Lead Rein classes the horse/pony must be led using a lead rope clipped to the bit or to a headcollar. If clipped to a headcollar the headcollar must be fitted under the bridle. Lead ropes cannot be clipped to the noseband.
  • 13) Whenever a rider is riding non-competitively in a class, they will not be awarded any points for that class at that show.
  • 14) Any equipment knocked over by the rider needs to be replaced before the rider can continue the race. If a genuine attempt has been made by the rider when mounted, equipment can be replaced mounted or unmounted, unless specified otherwise in the race rules. Any errors must be corrected in the right sequence before continuing. If an attempt was not made by the rider before the equipment was dropped the rider must replace or correct the equipment mounted.
  • 15) All equipment must remain standing at the end of the race.
  • 16) Broken equipment will result in elimination from the race.
  • 17) The Judge may stop the race at any time by blowing the whistle. All riders must stop immediately and wait further instruction from the Judge.
  • 18) Tiny Tots class – The rider must have their feet in the stirrups at all times. If the feet come out from the stirrups (apart from getting the rider on and off the horse/pony) the horse/pony must be stopped, and the rider’s feet put back in the stirrups before continuing. The holder may assist the rider to reach for equipment and to help the rider on and off the horse/pony. The holder may help steady equipment by holding the rider’s arm above the elbow only. The holder is not permitted to touch the equipment or the rider’s lower arm/hand unless agreed by the Judge at the start of the race. The leader may help to secure the rider but may not help or touch the equipment unless agreed with the Judge at the start of the race.
  • 19) Lead Rein class – the leader may assist the rider to reach for equipment and to help the rider on and off the horse/pony. The leader may help steady equipment by holding the rider’s arm above the elbow only. The leader is not permitted to touch the equipment or the rider’s lower arm/hand unless agreed by the Judge at the start of the race.
  • 20) No assistance is permitted in any other competitive class apart from that described in rule 18 and 19. Any assistance will result in no points for the rider for that race.
  • 21) The Committee reserve the right to alter, change or substitute any race at any time.
  • 22) The race is started with a whistle. It is a standing start from behind the start/finish line. If the Judge decides on an unfair start they will blow the whistle again and recall the race. The race is finished when the last rider crosses the finish line.
  • 23) Any competitor nominating a horse/pony for day’s gymkhana events must ride that horse/pony in all the block entry events. The only exception being if that horse/pony is lameor ill. The year cup will be awarded for a combination of horse/pony and rider gaining the most points in each class.
  • 24) Any combination of horse/pony or rider entering any gymkhana event non-competitively will not be allowed to enter competitively in that event on the same day.
  • 25) No late entries in the gymkhana after the drawn order has been made.
  • 27) The Judge’s decision is final.
  • 28) Age groups. All ages are as 1st January:
    Tiny Tots - under 5 years old 
    Lead Rein - under 8 years old
    Future Stars - under 12 years old (non-competitive class)
    A Group - under 12 years old
    B Group - under 18 years old
    C Group - over 18 years old
    Open Group - any age
  • 29) Points for each race are awarded as follows:
                    1st – 5 points, 2nd – 4 points, 3rd – 3 points, 4th – 2 points, 5th, 6th and 7th – 1 point
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