Showing Schedule

The first class will commence at 9am prompt.

Please see our Home page for 2022 Showing dates. Entry Fee per class is £5.

For Showing classes to go ahead we must have a minimum of 15 competitors over all 5 classes, who have pre-booked and paid 7 days prior to the show date (Our Taster Show on 3 April is exempt from this rule).

Pre-payment for showing classes can either be paid by cash at a show prior to the showing class date, delivered to a committee member or if you wish to pay via PayPal please contact us for the details.

All Showing classes sponsored by: Sponsored by MTF Cobs

  • Open Best Presented (Ridden or In Hand)
  • Best Ridden (Split Juniors and Seniors)
  • Open Coloured (Ridden or In Hand)
  • Open Veteran (Ridden or In Hand)
  • In Hand Showing
  • Overall Showing Champion



Novelty Showing Classes

Entry Fee per class is £3. We do not require Novelty classes to be pre-paid.

All Novelty Showing classes Sponsored by:

  • Handsome Gelding
  • Prettiest Mare
  • Pony/Horse that the Judge would most like to take home
  • Golden Oldies
  • Tidy Turnout


Western Riders

Western Riders welcome.
Hard hats must be worn at all times unless in hand.
We may introduce a western class in future if we get regular entries.

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